FMP 브랜드 [5 Pack] 100매 종이 메모장 – 4 x 6인치 메모 스크래치 패드 서버 웨이트리스 웨이터 책 할 일 식료품 목록 소형 노트북 레스토랑 수표장 흰색

Fit Meal Prep Plain Paper Memo notepad is the perfect value of 5 pack with 100 sheets. Dimension size: 4” x 6” easily fits pockets, aprons and is perfect to hold in one hand.
Made of high-quality paper that is easy to write and makes pen ink stand out. Our notepad is equipped with a tearable seam and provides clean tear with no rips to the paper.
Great for keeping things straight, jotting down memories and recording vital important information. Each server order pad is equipped with cardboard backing to provide strong support and prevent paper from folding or easily damaged.
Our memo notepads are perfect for waiter, waitress, server, restaurants, bars, hotels, and service industries to take orders, jot down notes, write to-do list and create tasks.
We guarantee 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
Fit Meal Prep products are innovatively designed and thoughtfully prepared to provide you with valuable products so you can get the most of what you paid for. We strive hard to deliver you essentials that are safe for your health and the environment.

PERFECT FIT: This server pad can fit inside your pockets or apron and is perfect for restaurant servers and waitresses. The 4x6 pocket notepad also works well as a memo pad and is great for hotels, pubs , bars, lounges, cafes, and more!
HIGH QUALITY PAPER : Our high quality paper writing pads are excellent to record vital information, dates, lists, guests, and numbers. Pen ink stands out on the bright white 4x6 paper and is perfect for blue or black color. The blank notepad design allows you to organize information in the way that works best for you.
EASY TEAR NO RIP : The paper notepad is easily tearable without ripping. Just lift the paper of the memo book and tear, then the sheet will be neatly removed and stay in one complete piece.
STRONG CARDBOARD BACK: Our server book has a strong cardboard back to ensure this memo pad is supported and prevents paper from being too flimsy or easily folded. It also enhances your grip on the pad and can be used for many applications such as server notepad, restaurant order pad, writing pad, and small notepad.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Contact us if you are not satisfied with our 4" x 6" paper note pads, we will send you a new replacement or issue a full refund.

FMP 브랜드 [5 Pack] 100매 종이 메모장 – 4 x 6인치 메모 스크래치 패드 서버 웨이트리스 웨이터 책 할 일 식료품 목록 소형 노트북 레스토랑 수표장 흰색 댓글 닫힘
Pinesman – 전문가를 위한 우아한 메모장, 경영진 메모 패드, 미니멀리스트, 금박, 점선 레이아웃, 3팩, 총 300매(각 100장), 6.3″ x 3.9″, 친환경, FSC™ 인증

From the brand Pinesman - Daily Planner Pad - TimeboxingPinesman - Daily Planner Pad - Timeboxing Pinesman LogoPinesman Logo

At Pinesman, we believe in the power of paper and the written word as a therapeutic way to get you out of your head and connect you to the present moment. That's why we take great pride in creating meticulously crafted artifacts that facilitate this process.

Why we exist?

Pinesman was born from a deep reverence for the written word and the tactile essence of paper. In a digital age, we are a refuge for those craving mindfulness and connection through writing.

Why do we love what we do?

There's an intimacy in the act of writing, and we adore facilitating that sacred connection.

What makes our products unique?

Beyond mere paper, our products merge fine materials with minimalist design. Every page, accentuated with gold foil, is a nod to life's richness. Our offerings stand out, not just for their look but for the tranquility and purpose they inspire.

Exquisite Paper Products

PREMIUM WORKSPACE AESTHETIC - Elevate your workspace with the luxurious Notes Notepad—the zenith of office desk accessories. Not merely for writing, but a standout in your collection of office accessories for women and men. With this, you're embracing the zenith of memo & scratch pads: the ideal notepads for work.
DISTINCTIVE GOLD FOIL DESIGN - Each page, be it for a memo, a shopping list, or a daily to-do, is artfully debossed with radiant gold. Every note or scribble becomes a reflection of life's invaluable moments.
VERSATILE DOTTED LAYOUT - The subtle dots offer structure, catering to structured notes, brain dumps, and school supplies for college, as well as spontaneous bursts of creativity. It's the versatility of a pocket memo pad and more.
THOUGHTFUL GIFTING - More than just a notepad—it's a statement piece. A gift perfect for those with refined taste, from teachers to professionals and students. The ultimate blend of function and luxury, from desk to destination.
SUSTAINABILITY AT ITS FINEST - Keeping Mother Earth in mind, this notepad is a distinction in the realm of office supplies note pads. Made from 100% recycled, FSC-approved materials, where luxury meets responsibility.
LUXURIOUSLY DOTTED PAGES - The perfect marriage of premium paper and subtle dots, ready to accommodate anything from grocery list notepad to elaborate desktop memos.
COMPACT YET CAPACIOUS - Ideally sized, with a slight size change from the standard 4x6 note pads, this small to do list notepad offers generous writing space while maintaining portability—the perfect companion for desk notes and on-the-go mini captures writing pad. Essential among home office accessories and work from home must-haves.
RELIABLE AND RESILIENT - Supported by its robust cardboard backing and top-tier paper quality, this notepad stands as more than just a scratch pad or memo pads—it's a testament to enduring elegance.
ARTISTICALLY AMPLIFIED - Each page awaits your inspiration, whether it's a shopping list, a burst of creativity, or a structured daily to do lists.
A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE - While apt for practical tasks like computer notes, its opulent design ensures a seamless fit in any refined setting.

Pinesman – 전문가를 위한 우아한 메모장, 경영진 메모 패드, 미니멀리스트, 금박, 점선 레이아웃, 3팩, 총 300매(각 100장), 6.3″ x 3.9″, 친환경, FSC™ 인증 댓글 닫힘
8개 노트 패드 리필 3 x 5인치 미니 메모 소형 메모장 쓰기 패드 30매 각 패드 대학 괘선 종이 노트 패드 흰색

From the brand NichelaNichela


It is the perfect gift for anyone, especially children and students, to help them get into the habit of taking notes with a pen .


As we dove deeper, we realized that our products are helping customers in ways that we didn’t even fathom. They have been using Nichela to find inspiration, and writing down their next target. Our clientele has reported that their memory improved with regular use of Nichela convenient notepads. All these ultimately leading to reduction of stress and anxiety and contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle.




notepadsnotepads notepadsnotepads notepadsnotepads NOTEPADSNOTEPADS
【 Package Contain 】 You will get 8 memo pads with 30 lined papers per pad. They are ruled pages, good for business, conference, meeting, office and travel. You can carry and use it anywhere.
【 High Quality Material 】 This note pad is made of 80# bright white paper, it is strong, quality and long lasting, with wax thread to keep the timeless elegance.
【 Mini Size 】 Each paper measures 3 x 5 inch. Mini design makes this notepad comfortable to carry and deeply appreciated by men and women, it is the icing of the cake in your daily life.
【 Idea Catcher 】 Never know when an idea comes into your head and you'll want to remember it later. Don't let your brilliant thoughts pass by without taking a second to write them down. These little note pads can be easily stored when no in use.
【 Perfect Gift Choice 】 The notepads can be served as practical gifts for classmates and colleagues. College ruled paper (9/32-inch spacing between lines) for people with smaller handwriting or when you want more on a single page.

8개 노트 패드 리필 3 x 5인치 미니 메모 소형 메모장 쓰기 패드 30매 각 패드 대학 괘선 종이 노트 패드 흰색 댓글 닫힘
KAICN 할 일 목록 메모장 4개 세트, 손으로 그린 ​​일일 플래너, 할 일 목록 메모장 문구, 꽃무늬 할 일 목록 패드, 프리미엄 두꺼운 종이 및 방수 유연한 PVC 하드 커버, A5 크기(5.5″ x

From the brand plannerplanner PLANNERPLANNER

Time and plans are fundamental aspects of productivity. The judicious management of time and the creation of effective plans pave the way for success. By recognizing the significance of these elements in our lives, we can harness their power to fulfill our aspirations and make the most of our time. Let us remember the words : "Lost time is never found again."

Weekly Planner

Daily Planner

To Do List Notepad

✅ STAY ON TRACK & KEEP YOUR FOCUS: Tackle your to-do list with the Morning Blooms daily planner. Each hand crafted notepad includes 52 pages padded with a sturdy chipboard backing. Pages feature hand illustrated florals and calligraphy with plenty of lines and a dedicated place for the date.
✅ DAILY TO DO PLANNER INFORMATION: You will recieve 4 pack of to do list notepads in 4 different styles, each pack has 52 sheets. The perfect size at 5.5 x 8.5 inches A4 undated sheets, make your life more organized and manegeable.
✅ SUFFICIENT QUAILITY GUARANTEED: The to do planner is made from premium quality smooth white paper with chipboard backing to better writing experience and PVC waterproof cover to pretect inner pages, double coil for smootn turning, and will give you a gppd using experience and bring you good moon.
✅ BOOST PRODUCTIVITY & HIT YOUR GOALS: This planning is so much more fun when use this unique design planner! Simply add the date on the top of each sheet and checklists - tick off your tasks and watch your confidence increase. What a great feeling to have completed all the to do's by the end of the day or week.
✅ PERFECT FOR : Perfect for planner, organizer, daily agenda or note pad for school, work or home or makes a great gift. Plan, create and schedule your daily life with this gorgeous undated to do planner now.

KAICN 할 일 목록 메모장 4개 세트, 손으로 그린 ​​일일 플래너, 할 일 목록 메모장 문구, 꽃무늬 할 일 목록 패드, 프리미엄 두꺼운 종이 및 방수 유연한 PVC 하드 커버, A5 크기(5.5″ x 댓글 닫힘
ZICOTO 남성용 내구성이 뛰어난 포켓 노트북 4개 세트 – 작은 포켓 크기 3×5 줄이 그어진 페이지가 있는 나선형 메모장 – 정리를 유지하고 생산성을 향상시키는 완벽한 가죽 미니 노트 패드

ZICOTOs’ Pocket Book Set of 4: Organize Your Notes and Memos Neatly And In Style! The positive influence of a neatly organized pocket notebook on your daily life is undeniable - and thanks to the pocket books by ZICOTO you can start right away to experience it yourself! Organize and plan everything you need to accomplish in a compact way - and even add beauty and fun to the organizational game. You can use the small notebooks at home for grocery lists, note pads, family to do’s or other areas of your household, but also for school or university to tackle tasks, projects and more. The notebooks are also great for work purposes to take notes during meetings, record spontaneous ideas, capture creative processes or to support with other tasks - the pocket notebook set is your go-to tool! The blank & college-ruled design ensures that your notes are kept in a neat and legible manner. Perfectly sized at 3x5” it fits into almost any pocket or purse - always at hand, in case you need it. Let’s sum up all the goodness of the pocket notebook set by ZICOTO: modern brown PU-leather cover // Each notebook with 80 sheets and handily sized at 3x5” // Premium spiral bound with double-wire for added sturdiness // Chic rounded corners // Multi-purpose use at home, work, school and more!
Ultimate Set of 4 Small Notebooks: What great value! 4 beautifully PU-leather pocket notebooks with 80 sheets (40 blank & 40 college ruled) each. At 3x5” they easily fit in any pocket - always at hand - and offering plenty of space for creative thoughts, simple notes & more
Stay Organized & On Top Of Things: The memo note pads set is here to simplify your daily life at home or at work! Master your daily to-dos, make grocery lists, take notes in meetings, color coordinate projects, capture ideas & stay focused - you can do it all!
Truly Gorgeous In Modern, Brown Color: Finally a pocket notebook set in a modern color! The superior design with brown PU-leather, as well as rounded corners, is a treat for the eyes adding beauty & fun into organization and planning
Super Neat & Convenient: The mini notebooks have a blank and college-ruled design, making it very easy to keep your notes in a neat, legible manner. Never miss out again on taking quick notes or jotting down reminders - experience the positive influence this has on your life
Premium Set With Double-Wired Bound: Enjoy easy handling with the top notch small notebook set! The durable spiral bound comes with a double-wire for additional sturdiness, preventing pages from tearing off on their own and for easy-to-turn pages

ZICOTO 남성용 내구성이 뛰어난 포켓 노트북 4개 세트 – 작은 포켓 크기 3×5 줄이 그어진 페이지가 있는 나선형 메모장 – 정리를 유지하고 생산성을 향상시키는 완벽한 가죽 미니 노트 패드 댓글 닫힘
냉장고를 위한 아름다운 자석 메모장 – 손쉬운 메모 작성과 식료품/쇼핑 목록 작성을 위한 줄이 그어진 페이지가 있는 현대적인 노트 패드 4개 세트 – 냉장고를 위한 강력한 자석이 있는 완벽한 할일 패드

Simplified Magnetic Grocery List Pad Set For Your Fridge: Makes Organizing Your Daily Life Much Easier! What a genius way to ensure you stay on top of your busy day! The magnetic notepad set of 4 by ZICOTO makes it fun and easy to organize your grocery lists, daily to do’s, errands, reminders and notes. Thanks to the entire back side of the notepads featuring a strong magnet, you can fully rely on the pads sticking to your fridge, file cabinets and other magnetic surfaces. Absolutely fantastic for you to have your lists always in sight, so you can easily see any urgent things to do right away. Perfectly sized at 7.4x3.7 IN each magnetic pad offers ample space for you to jot down shopping lists, recipes, memos or any other important information, while not taking up too much space on fridge & co.! With a set of 4 notepads, each coming with 50 easy-to-tear-off sheets, you are all set to easily organize your daily life. The various colors of notepads are not only beautiful, but you can also make them work for you - hint: color coding! Dedicate a color to grocery lists, one for to do’s, another one for notes and a last one for family messages - or do it the way that works best for you. Enjoy full flexibility! The minimalist design keeps the focus on all your notes ensuring the notepad set is easy-to-use and effective in your home or at work!
Note Pads - Simplify Your Daily Life: That’s the kind of attention grabbers we love! ZICOTOs’ magnetic notepads for your refrigerator make it super easy to quickly jot down grocery lists, to do’s & reminders, while always having them in sight to stay on top of everything
Set of 4 Note Pads - Perfect Size: Each 7.4x3.7 IN magnetic notepad is large enough to make everyday stuff easier without taking up too much space on your fridge! Enjoy ample space with each grocery list notepad providing 50 easy-to-tear-off sheets
Stays Reliably In Place - Full Magnetic Back: Practical & reliable! The to do list notepad set features a strong magnet that covers the entire back side. Use the grocery list magnetic pad for your fridge, file cabinets or other magnetic surfaces
Beautiful Colors - Color Code Like A Pro: 4 uniquely colored notepads - the aesthetic colors of the magnetic notepads make every list feel special! It's also fantastic to assign a color to a specific area of use, from a shopping list pad for fridge to notes & to do’s at work
Amazing For Easy Organizing: The design of the magnetic grocery list pad set is kept minimalist w/ an abstract touch. Seamlessly organized with fine lines for easy writing, the notepads are a must-have for any household and are an excellent fit for your office too

냉장고를 위한 아름다운 자석 메모장 – 손쉬운 메모 작성과 식료품/쇼핑 목록 작성을 위한 줄이 그어진 페이지가 있는 현대적인 노트 패드 4개 세트 – 냉장고를 위한 강력한 자석이 있는 완벽한 할일 패드 댓글 닫힘
MuiAng 법적 노트 패드 5″ x 8″ 대학 규정 소형 쓰기 패드, 80gsm/21lb 흰색 줄이 그어진 종이, 메모장당 30매, 팩당 패드 12개, 다용도 사용을 위한 천공된 작업 목록 법적 패드

From the brand 123123


We create premium office products that boost productivity and creativity. Our passion is to inspire people to achieve their best.


MuiAng is a brand born out of a passion for office products that inspire both creativity and productivity.

MuiAng was launched with a vision to provide office workers with practical yet aesthetically pleasing tools to help them stay organized and motivated. Our products are crafted with the high-quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of daily use.

MuiAng Note Pads

MuiAng Legal Pads

MuiAng Notepad

note pads legal padsnote pads legal pads note pads 3x5 inchnote pads 3x5 inch Writing Pads College Ruled Note Pads Notepadote Writing Pads College Ruled Note Pads Notepadote legal pads note pads writing pads steno padslegal pads note pads writing pads steno pads notepad legal writing padsnotepad legal writing pads Note Pads Legal Pads Notepad Writing PadsNote Pads Legal Pads Notepad Writing Pads 44
Perfect Size for Writing: MuiAng legal writing pads are ideal for people on the go due to their compact size. Measuring 5x8 inch, these note pads can be easily inserted into a binder, tote bag, or laptop bag. This ensures that you always have a dependable and convenient place to record crucial ideas, notes, or reminders, whether you're traveling between meetings or classes.
Package Contain: You will receive 12 packs of 5x8 inch notepads. The lined paper is college/medium ruled which is perfect for notes-taking, reminders and memos. These white legal writing pads provide 360 sheets to meet your daily usage, so you don't have to worry about running out of paper. Jot down your ideas on these note pads and they'll be easier to remember.
Thick & Smooth Lined Paper: MuiAng note pads with the thick and smooth 80gsm/21lb premium quality lined paper. MuiAng legal pads feature thick paper that prevents ink from bleeding through, making them perfect for using with fountain pens and other types of ink pens. Enjoy a smooth writing experience with our high quality paper legal writing pads, perfect for note taking, jotting down ideas, and keeping organized.
Multi-Function: MuiAng legal pads are widely used in various scenarios due to their versatile feature. These writing papers are perfect for taking notes, making lists, drafting, and sketching diagrams. The perforated design enable easy tearing, while the sturdy backboard provides a stable surface for writing. MuiAng lined note pads are an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to jot down ideas or keep track of important information.
A Perfect Gift: These note pads are an excellent gift option due to their versatile use. They can be used for taking notes, memos, or as a journal. Their simple design and professional appearance make them a great addition to any office or workspace. With 360 sheets per package, they provide ample space for writing. Give the gift of organization and productivity with 5x8 inch legal writing pads.

MuiAng 법적 노트 패드 5″ x 8″ 대학 규정 소형 쓰기 패드, 80gsm/21lb 흰색 줄이 그어진 종이, 메모장당 30매, 팩당 패드 12개, 다용도 사용을 위한 천공된 작업 목록 법적 패드 댓글 닫힘
보라색 성운 마우스 패드 게이머 게임 액세서리 HD 인쇄 사무실 컴퓨터 키보드 마우스 패드 게이머 컴퓨터 책상 매트 XXL

보라색 성운 마우스 패드 게이머 게임 액세서리 HD 인쇄 사무실 컴퓨터 키보드 마우스 패드 게이머 컴퓨터 책상 매트 XXL 특성:*견고한 스티치 가장자리 : 이 마우스 패드는 해어짐을 방지하기 위해 섬세한 모서리를 가지고 있습니다. 변형, 탈검…

보라색 성운 마우스 패드 게이머 게임 액세서리 HD 인쇄 사무실 컴퓨터 키보드 마우스 패드 게이머 컴퓨터 책상 매트 XXL 댓글 닫힘
Censen 10팩 500매 할일 목록 메모 일일 체크리스트 날짜가 표시되지 않은 메모 패드 컬러 블록 할 일 노트 패드 주간 계획 메모장 정리 플래너(밝은 색상, 줄이 있는) 각 50매가 포함된 메모장


Improve work efficiency:
Our daily to do list planner can record the things you need to do, cultivate your executive ability, increase your productivity, quick to accomplish your goals, to make progress little by little and be filled every day.

Practical gifts:
You can send these cute to do list notepads to your kids, classmates, teachers, mother, father, family members and friends, encouraging them to set up and write down to do lists, helping them develop a good habit.

Material: paper
Color: as shown in the picture
Size: 3.7 x 8.5 inches

Package includes:
500 Sheets to do list notes

Manual measurement, please allow slight errors on size.
The color may exist a slight difference due to different screen displays.

Censen 10팩 500매 할일 목록 메모 일일 체크리스트 날짜가 표시되지 않은 메모 패드 컬러 블록 할 일 노트 패드 주간 계획 메모장 정리 플래너(밝은 색상, 줄이 있는) 각 50매가 포함된 메모장 댓글 닫힘
120 Pcs 작은 반짝이 나선형 메모장 및 반짝이 연필 지우개가 달린 반짝이 색연필 어린이를위한 미니 노트북 미니 메모장 어린이를위한 포켓 메모 노트 패드 선물 파티 호의 Goodie Bags Stuffers

Mini note pads are designed with spiral bound on the top part, so you can flip over the pages quickly and easily, simple and classic, which can be loved by most people.
Small spiral notepad can serve as delicate gift for family, friends, classmates, students and more, and they will be happy and delighted to receive it.

Notepad: paper
Pencil: wood, graphite
Color: as pictures shown
Notepad: 3.6 x 2.5 inch
Pencil: 6.9 inch

Package includes:
60 x Spiral notepads
60 x Glitter pencils

Manual measurement, please allow slight errors on size.
The color may exist a slight difference due to different screen displays.

Package Includes: you will receive 60 pads of spiral pocket notepads, 20 pages for each pad, and 60 pieces of wood pencils with top erasers, enough quantity and ideal combination to satisfy your daily use or gift sending needs
Glitter Color: these small notepads and colorful pencils are designed in 12 glitter colors, including blue, green, pink and more, looking attractive and pretty, ideal as party bag stuffers or party favors, which will surely be a big hit at any party
Reliable Quality: the mini spiral notebook is made of quality paper material, with smooth writing surface and thick enough, not easy to tear and hard to fade, and metallic pencils are made of wood shell and graphite core, comfortable to hold and writing smoothly, so you can use them with confidence
Easy to Carry: each glitter notepad measures about 3.6 x 2.5 inch, and wood pencil is approx. 6.9 inch, light in weight and portable, which won't take too much space, fitting well into your bag or backpack to carry around when you go out for handy usage
Wide Applications: these small memo pads and glitter pencils are practical supplies for home, office, school and more, suitable for writing, drawing, signing and sketching, also can be applied as party decorations, classroom rewards, game prizes, gift bag stuffers or daily gifts for others

120 Pcs 작은 반짝이 나선형 메모장 및 반짝이 연필 지우개가 달린 반짝이 색연필 어린이를위한 미니 노트북 미니 메모장 어린이를위한 포켓 메모 노트 패드 선물 파티 호의 Goodie Bags Stuffers 댓글 닫힘