Pinesman – 전문가를 위한 우아한 메모장, 경영진 메모 패드, 미니멀리스트, 금박, 점선 레이아웃, 3팩, 총 300매(각 100장), 6.3″ x 3.9″, 친환경, FSC™ 인증

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At Pinesman, we believe in the power of paper and the written word as a therapeutic way to get you out of your head and connect you to the present moment. That's why we take great pride in creating meticulously crafted artifacts that facilitate this process.

Why we exist?

Pinesman was born from a deep reverence for the written word and the tactile essence of paper. In a digital age, we are a refuge for those craving mindfulness and connection through writing.

Why do we love what we do?

There's an intimacy in the act of writing, and we adore facilitating that sacred connection.

What makes our products unique?

Beyond mere paper, our products merge fine materials with minimalist design. Every page, accentuated with gold foil, is a nod to life's richness. Our offerings stand out, not just for their look but for the tranquility and purpose they inspire.

Exquisite Paper Products

PREMIUM WORKSPACE AESTHETIC - Elevate your workspace with the luxurious Notes Notepad—the zenith of office desk accessories. Not merely for writing, but a standout in your collection of office accessories for women and men. With this, you're embracing the zenith of memo & scratch pads: the ideal notepads for work.
DISTINCTIVE GOLD FOIL DESIGN - Each page, be it for a memo, a shopping list, or a daily to-do, is artfully debossed with radiant gold. Every note or scribble becomes a reflection of life's invaluable moments.
VERSATILE DOTTED LAYOUT - The subtle dots offer structure, catering to structured notes, brain dumps, and school supplies for college, as well as spontaneous bursts of creativity. It's the versatility of a pocket memo pad and more.
THOUGHTFUL GIFTING - More than just a notepad—it's a statement piece. A gift perfect for those with refined taste, from teachers to professionals and students. The ultimate blend of function and luxury, from desk to destination.
SUSTAINABILITY AT ITS FINEST - Keeping Mother Earth in mind, this notepad is a distinction in the realm of office supplies note pads. Made from 100% recycled, FSC-approved materials, where luxury meets responsibility.
LUXURIOUSLY DOTTED PAGES - The perfect marriage of premium paper and subtle dots, ready to accommodate anything from grocery list notepad to elaborate desktop memos.
COMPACT YET CAPACIOUS - Ideally sized, with a slight size change from the standard 4x6 note pads, this small to do list notepad offers generous writing space while maintaining portability—the perfect companion for desk notes and on-the-go mini captures writing pad. Essential among home office accessories and work from home must-haves.
RELIABLE AND RESILIENT - Supported by its robust cardboard backing and top-tier paper quality, this notepad stands as more than just a scratch pad or memo pads—it's a testament to enduring elegance.
ARTISTICALLY AMPLIFIED - Each page awaits your inspiration, whether it's a shopping list, a burst of creativity, or a structured daily to do lists.
A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE - While apt for practical tasks like computer notes, its opulent design ensures a seamless fit in any refined setting.

Pinesman – 전문가를 위한 우아한 메모장, 경영진 메모 패드, 미니멀리스트, 금박, 점선 레이아웃, 3팩, 총 300매(각 100장), 6.3″ x 3.9″, 친환경, FSC™ 인증 댓글 닫힘
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